Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Becoming a More Competitive Job-Seeker

If you’re a recent college graduate, and are now faced with the challenges of becoming a member of the “real world”, you are probably already aware how competitive the job market can be.

As recent graduate Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado can attest, finding a job out of college can be a difficult proposition, leaving the job seeker fumbling for answers.

Below, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado offers some tips on how to make yourself a more attractive and competitive job candidate.


It’s almost a necessity nowadays, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, to have a professional network already in place as you approach the fast and relentless pace of job seeking.

If you haven’t already, he says, try to re-connect with college chums, professionals and others you’ve worked with or for in the past. Do your best to build a networking foundation, one that provide you info and updates on future opportunities.

Resume Development

It may seem obvious, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, but taking the time to develop and tailor your resume towards the specific position you’re applying for is almost essential to being noticed by potential employers. Take the time needed to build your resume around the position, emphasizing the skills and experience that best applies to the company and/or position you’re seeking.

Be Professional

Though it should go without saying, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, it’s crucial to be professional, to dress nice, to have a pleasant demeanor, maintain friendliness and respect, etc.

Never skimp on the opportunity to be a model of professionalism, and to show employers that you are a serious candidate who is committed to meeting the employer’s needs.

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