Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Providing Help Through Faith

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is a man of faith, and has demonstrated that faith on numerous occasions.

Formerly a participant on church mission trips, he has expressed his faith through the help and support he has provided to others in critical and/or emergency situations, giving of himself to help others in dire need of assistance.

Tragedy can affect anyone at any time, and often times a person’s faith can become tested, even pushed to the limits. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands how trying personal tragedy, no matter the size or scope, can be for an individual, which is why he has worked to restore people’s faith through heartfelt conversation, volunteering and much-needed emergency support.

His trip to New Orleans following the Hurricane Katrina disaster allowed him to not only share his love of God with others, but to also show them that help and support is always available during times of crisis.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has carried the message of strength and faith to numerous people struggling to cope with crisis and tragedy.

The work he performed during the Katrina crisis, as well as during his mission to Chicago, was of great benefit to many people, helping to not only restore their faith in God, but also in humanity.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now takes the lessons of his faith to the impoverished regions of the Dominican Republic through his membership in the Peace Corps, providing support to those in dire need of a friendly and helping hand.