Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Approaches Life with Enthusiasm

A positive and upbeat approach to life can open doors of opportunity and experience an individual may have never thought possible.

Optimistic and enthusiastic, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado constantly maintains a positive and upbeat outlook, approaching each new task, responsibility and adventure with with a positive attitude and the will to overcome any hurdle set in front of him.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado took on the challenges of two majors during his student tenure at the University of Colorado, overcoming obstacles and meeting deadlines with the attitude needed to reach his objectives and become a successful college graduate.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands that positive attitudes are just as infectious as negative ones, which is why he treats everyone with the kindness, courtesy and respect they deserve. His desire is to make a positive and lasting impression on not only family and friends, but also coworkers, colleagues and even complete strangers.

It is this positive and upbeat approach that led to his involvement in the Peace Corps, an organization designed at providing communities throughout the world with the support they need to achieve healthier and happier lives.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado takes on his volunteer responsibilities with zeal, seeing everything through to completion with a genuine interest in people and the many lives he has the opportunity to impact.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is enthusiastic about life, and about pursuing new adventures and immersing himself in new experiences. Being of service to people, as he believes, is what life is all about.


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