Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Seeks New Adventures

The world is a vast and complicated place, though an abundance of opportunity and adventure is available to those seeking a broader worldview and experience.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an adventurer, volunteer and college graduate, is always in pursuit of a new experience and/or adventure, something that helps to keep life fresh, interesting and that presents a new and exciting challenge.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now enjoys the opportunity to not only participate in a life-changing adventure, but to also help people in dire need of support.

A recently accepted volunteer with the Peace Corps organization, Sam Gray of Boulder now has the chance to explore a completely new climate and culture, immersing himself in the wonderful and interesting landscape of the Dominican Republic.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is certainly no stranger to the prospects or opportunities of adventure. A long-time resident of Boulder, Colorado, Sam Gray has had access to some of the most scenic, physically challenging and exciting adventure opportunities on the planet, all of them only an arms-reach away in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

The opportunities to raft, ski, fish, camp and more have been close to him for years, providing both him and his colleagues the chance to immerse themselves in adventure and excitement.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an optimistic, helpful and dedicated volunteer, hopes to experience that sense of accomplishment that comes from making a substantial difference in someone’s life.

He is well on his way to leaving a positive, lasting and indelible mark on the Dominican people.

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