Sam Gray Boulder Colorado: Flood Recovery

Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado is happy to report that his hometown is well on its way to recovering from the devastating and historic floods that swept over Boulder and the surrounding area in September of 2013.

The recovery is an ongoing process, and there are things that will probably never be the same. But as far as day-to-day enjoyment of the city and its many amenities, he says that you almost can’t tell how hard-hit the area was.

The heavy rains were preceded by a heat wave, with the thermometer reaching well into the nineties – unusually hot for that time of year. The rain began to fall on Monday, September 9th, but it took a few days for anyone to realize that it was an out-of-the-ordinary rainfall, and another day or so after that for the floodwaters to begin surging.

By Sunday, September 15th, more than seventeen inches of rain had fallen on the region, with Boulder County bearing the brunt of it.

When it was all over, meteorologists said that a slow moving cold front stalled over Colorado, and clashed with warm humid air from the south. It was unusual weather conditions not likely to happen again for a long, long time.

As Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado knows all too well, at least eight deaths were blamed on the flooding. A federal national emergency was declared over the eight counties affected by the flooding. Roads and bridges were washed out, and many remained closed for many months; some have yet to be reopened more than a year and a half later.

But the recovery is happening steadily, and as Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado knows, it seems to be happening all at the same time. Everyone in the city remains optimistic about the future.

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