Sam Gray: Boulder, Colorado Helping Others

Sam Gray graduated from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. Sam Gray joined the Peace Corps not long after and has been working in the Dominican Republic helping to set up a kayak tour business for local fisherman to make some extra money in the booming eco-tourism industry there.

Sam Gray has always been a man of faith in God and his church, and he uses that powerful faith to help others whenever he can. In addition to his work post-graduation in the Dominican Republic, Gray has also traveled to many places in the United States in which people need his help.

After Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and other parts of the southeast United States, Sam Gray left his comfy surroundings in Boulder, Colorado to help rebuild houses and businesses in Louisiana with his church. Gray’s local church has organized many charity trips to different parts of the United States and beyond over the years and Gray is usually onboard with these trips of mercy.

Church leaders note how enthusiastic Gray is to help others who are less fortunate. Sam Gray made a name for himself during the New Orleans trip with his church.

Many church leaders noted how easily Gray opened his heart to the people he and the group helped and the effort he showed to perform the hard work of rebuilding after the terrible storm.

Sam Gray left his home in Boulder, Colorado to serve others overseas with the Peace Corps for two years. During that time, he has helped many local residents of a small fishing village in the Dominican Republic revitalize their small economy by helping them set up kayak tours of their remote, beautiful, natural area.

Gray continues to work for the Peace Corps because he believes in the organization’s mission to help people by giving them the tools for sustainable economies and the ability to help themselves.

Sam Gray graduated from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado with degrees in International Affairs and Economics, two disciplines that fit in well with his personal and professional goals.

Gray hopes to use his education and his dedication to helping others to found an organization that can help create economic solutions for communities around the world. He is gaining valuable experience working with communities to create business opportunities right now in the Dominican Republic. Gray’s continued work with the Peace Corps will assist him in his ambitious goals.