Sam Gray – Peace Corps Volunteer Out of Boulder, Colorado

Sam Gray is a Boulder, Colorado transplant, but Sam Gray feels like a local because of the time he spent in the small college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Sam Gray attended Colorado University in Boulder, graduating with degrees in both International Affairs and Economics.

Sam Gray plans on using the information he learned and the skills he developed in both of those disciplines to help people around the world develop better economic solutions for themselves and their communities.

Gray has spent two years volunteering with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and has traveled throughout the United States helping those in need with his church.

Sam Gray moved away from Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to work with the Peace Corps. Sam Gray has always been inspired by the organization and its mission to help people throughout the world develop the skills and tools necessary to build economic solutions for themselves.

Gray’s work took him to the Dominican Republic, where he helped set up a kayak tours company in a remote, natural area. He and his team worked with local fishermen to create a new way to make a living for themselves, their families, and their community. Gray found that his studies in International Affairs and
Economics helped him greatly in his work there.

Sam Gray has a long history of working in Boulder, Colorado and beyond to help people with his church. Long a devotee of his community church, he jumped at opportunities to help people in their own communities throughout the United States as soon as he was old enough to travel with the work groups.

He traveled to New Orleans to help people rebuild their businesses and homes after Hurricane Katrina struck. He worked with people in Chicago who were struggling with violence and poverty in their communities. Gray has long supported others with his love of God and his faith in the power of helping hands.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado hopes to use his training in Economics and International Affairs to not only return to Boulder, Colorado and help the community there but also to set up his own international organization that can help reduce the suffering caused by global poverty everywhere.

Gray knows the struggle of people trying to scrape by with meager opportunities and resources. He hopes that his help will continue to assist those suffering around the world. Gray is still at work with communities in the Dominican Republic.

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