Sam Gray Boulder Colorado: Developing a Kayak Touring Business

 Sam Gray Boulder Colorado joined the Peace Corps after graduating from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. Gray wanted to major in two subjects, Economics and International Affairs, because he felt that he could do the most good in the world with a background in those areas.

Gray has volunteered with his church to travel on missions of mercy throughout the United States in the past, including trips to Chicago and New Orleans. Gray loves to go where he is most needed.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Gray joined a church group that traveled to New Orleans and helped rebuild homes and businesses of people who had lost everything in the tragic storm. Gray also worked with inner-city families in Chicago dealing with depressed economic circumstances and violence in their communities.

Sam Gray left his comfortable life in Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to use his Economics and International Affairs degrees in a place that could use his help. He joined the Peace Corps because he wanted help others and travel the world while he did it.

Gray believes that travel has expanded his perspective. By putting himself in contact with people of all faiths and communities, he has learned about how to care for others and how to put others first, principles that were handed down to him from his parents over the years.

Sam Gray traveled to the Dominican Republic from Boulder, Colorado with the Peace Corps.

There, he and his team started developing a kayak touring business based near the remote Laguna Limon, home to many species of fish, birds, and other wildlife and adjacent to a small fishing village.

Gray not only wanted to explore the rich, natural area with the locals and his friends, he wanted the local community to benefit from his work.

He and his team believe that the new business will provide new opportunities for local fishermen and business owners, who can work as guides for tourists exploring the area by kayak.

The business provides an excellent service to the growing tourism industry, it will also help the local community bring in more money and capitalize on the Dominican tourism industry as a whole.

Sam Gray has lived in the Dominican Republic since joining the Peace Corps shortly after graduating from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado. His efforts have already created new opportunities for the locals they never thought they could have.