Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: A Graduate Law Student

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is a first-year law student at Georgetown University. In May 2016 he completed a two-year stint in the Peace Corps.

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Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado ran a community-based kayaking enterprise in a small village called Laguna Limón, located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. A 2013 graduate of the University of Colorado, he earned degrees in Economics and International Affairs.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Peace Corps Volunteer

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is currently living in Washington, D.C., where he is a law student at Georgetown University.

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He recently completed service in the Peace Corps. He lived in the Dominican Republic for two years, where he ran a community-based kayaking business. He says the culture shock didn’t bother him too much, once he grew accustomed to life without running water.


Sam Gray Boulder Colorado:Peace Corps Volunteer

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado is developing the kind of experience that could be very useful in his career and in helping others in the future with his work in the Dominican Republic.

Sam Gray feels like a native of Boulder, Colorado even though he’s a transplant. Since moving there in part to attend Colorado University, Gray has immersed himself in the charitable community there.

Sam Gray has volunteered for several causes around town and soon after he graduated from Colorado University with degrees in Economics and International Affairs, he went to work with the Peace Corps to spread his spirit of compassion and giving.

Sam Gray graduated in 2013, since then, he has been working with other Peace Corps volunteers in the Dominican Republic on starting a kayak tours business in the remote area near Laguna Limon.

Sam Gray brought the same passion he showed for his work and studies in Boulder, Colorado to the Dominican Republic with him. Gray and his team quickly helped the local villagers set up the business with very little startup money. They got the kayaks for low prices and trained several local fishermen to be guides for tourists visiting their sleeping hamlet.

The business so far has attracted many clients who want to see Laguna Limon’s wildlife and spectacular views. The guides and the entire community make money from the growing tourist sector in the country as a whole, as well as add a new dimension to their local economy.

Sam Gray wanted to use his training that he received at Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado to do some compassionate and charitable work in the world. He has experience helping people in need.

Gray has traveled to Chicago with a church group to help people struggling with homelessness and poverty there. He has also traveled to New Orleans directly after Hurricane Katrina swept through the area.

He helped people devastated by the hurricane and the flooding to rebuild their homes and businesses. Wherever he is needed, Gray wants to be there to help others. His extensive experience helping people on church trips made him the ideal candidate to become a Peace Corps volunteer.

He has grown close to the community and hopes that his continued efforts to promote the kayak tour business there will lead to better economic opportunities for the small community near Laguna Limon. Gray has already given the community there many tools to create a more robust, self-sustaining local economy.

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Sam Gray Boulder Colorado: Developing a Kayak Touring Business

 Sam Gray Boulder Colorado joined the Peace Corps after graduating from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. Gray wanted to major in two subjects, Economics and International Affairs, because he felt that he could do the most good in the world with a background in those areas.

Gray has volunteered with his church to travel on missions of mercy throughout the United States in the past, including trips to Chicago and New Orleans. Gray loves to go where he is most needed.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Gray joined a church group that traveled to New Orleans and helped rebuild homes and businesses of people who had lost everything in the tragic storm. Gray also worked with inner-city families in Chicago dealing with depressed economic circumstances and violence in their communities.

Sam Gray left his comfortable life in Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to use his Economics and International Affairs degrees in a place that could use his help. He joined the Peace Corps because he wanted help others and travel the world while he did it.

Gray believes that travel has expanded his perspective. By putting himself in contact with people of all faiths and communities, he has learned about how to care for others and how to put others first, principles that were handed down to him from his parents over the years.

Sam Gray traveled to the Dominican Republic from Boulder, Colorado with the Peace Corps.

There, he and his team started developing a kayak touring business based near the remote Laguna Limon, home to many species of fish, birds, and other wildlife and adjacent to a small fishing village.

Gray not only wanted to explore the rich, natural area with the locals and his friends, he wanted the local community to benefit from his work.

He and his team believe that the new business will provide new opportunities for local fishermen and business owners, who can work as guides for tourists exploring the area by kayak.

The business provides an excellent service to the growing tourism industry, it will also help the local community bring in more money and capitalize on the Dominican tourism industry as a whole.

Sam Gray has lived in the Dominican Republic since joining the Peace Corps shortly after graduating from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado. His efforts have already created new opportunities for the locals they never thought they could have.

Sam Gray – Peace Corps Volunteer Out of Boulder, Colorado

Sam Gray is a Boulder, Colorado transplant, but Sam Gray feels like a local because of the time he spent in the small college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Sam Gray attended Colorado University in Boulder, graduating with degrees in both International Affairs and Economics.

Sam Gray plans on using the information he learned and the skills he developed in both of those disciplines to help people around the world develop better economic solutions for themselves and their communities.

Gray has spent two years volunteering with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and has traveled throughout the United States helping those in need with his church.

Sam Gray moved away from Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to work with the Peace Corps. Sam Gray has always been inspired by the organization and its mission to help people throughout the world develop the skills and tools necessary to build economic solutions for themselves.

Gray’s work took him to the Dominican Republic, where he helped set up a kayak tours company in a remote, natural area. He and his team worked with local fishermen to create a new way to make a living for themselves, their families, and their community. Gray found that his studies in International Affairs and
Economics helped him greatly in his work there.

Sam Gray has a long history of working in Boulder, Colorado and beyond to help people with his church. Long a devotee of his community church, he jumped at opportunities to help people in their own communities throughout the United States as soon as he was old enough to travel with the work groups.

He traveled to New Orleans to help people rebuild their businesses and homes after Hurricane Katrina struck. He worked with people in Chicago who were struggling with violence and poverty in their communities. Gray has long supported others with his love of God and his faith in the power of helping hands.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado hopes to use his training in Economics and International Affairs to not only return to Boulder, Colorado and help the community there but also to set up his own international organization that can help reduce the suffering caused by global poverty everywhere.

Gray knows the struggle of people trying to scrape by with meager opportunities and resources. He hopes that his help will continue to assist those suffering around the world. Gray is still at work with communities in the Dominican Republic.

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Sam Gray: Boulder, Colorado Helping Others

Sam Gray graduated from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. Sam Gray joined the Peace Corps not long after and has been working in the Dominican Republic helping to set up a kayak tour business for local fisherman to make some extra money in the booming eco-tourism industry there.

Sam Gray has always been a man of faith in God and his church, and he uses that powerful faith to help others whenever he can. In addition to his work post-graduation in the Dominican Republic, Gray has also traveled to many places in the United States in which people need his help.

After Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and other parts of the southeast United States, Sam Gray left his comfy surroundings in Boulder, Colorado to help rebuild houses and businesses in Louisiana with his church. Gray’s local church has organized many charity trips to different parts of the United States and beyond over the years and Gray is usually onboard with these trips of mercy.

Church leaders note how enthusiastic Gray is to help others who are less fortunate. Sam Gray made a name for himself during the New Orleans trip with his church.

Many church leaders noted how easily Gray opened his heart to the people he and the group helped and the effort he showed to perform the hard work of rebuilding after the terrible storm.

Sam Gray left his home in Boulder, Colorado to serve others overseas with the Peace Corps for two years. During that time, he has helped many local residents of a small fishing village in the Dominican Republic revitalize their small economy by helping them set up kayak tours of their remote, beautiful, natural area.

Gray continues to work for the Peace Corps because he believes in the organization’s mission to help people by giving them the tools for sustainable economies and the ability to help themselves.

Sam Gray graduated from Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado with degrees in International Affairs and Economics, two disciplines that fit in well with his personal and professional goals.

Gray hopes to use his education and his dedication to helping others to found an organization that can help create economic solutions for communities around the world. He is gaining valuable experience working with communities to create business opportunities right now in the Dominican Republic. Gray’s continued work with the Peace Corps will assist him in his ambitious goals.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado – The Peace Corp

As the renowned global service organization of the United States, the Peace Corps sends Americans to another country to handle the most pressing needs of individuals around the globe.

Peace Corps Volunteers work at the grassroots level toward practical change that lives on long after their service while becoming worldwide citizens and serving their nation. When they return home, Volunteers bring their insight and experiences enriches the lives of people around them.

Established in 1961 by President Kennedy, nearly 220,000 Americans have served in the Peace Corps. Currently, there are 6,818 volunteers serving in 64 countries. Volunteers serve in work areas such as education, health, the environment, youth in development and agriculture.

Peace Corps Volunteer Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado believes that giving back to the community in any way benefits everyone as a whole. Sam Gray encourages others, regardless of situation or background, to become more hands-on, active and involved in community improvement efforts.

There are many ways to make a difference in your local community and Sam is currently volunteering for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Sam Gray is offering his services in the economic development division of the organization.

College-educated and certified in the English as a Second Language program, Sam works one-on-one with local communities to discover and implement ways to improve the quality of living opportunities.

He is very passionate about the work he does and hopes to be an effective volunteer and influential person for the Peace Corps. Volunteering has been a rewarding experience for Sam who often takes the opportunity to help and support those in need.



Sam Gray Boulder Colorado: Flood Recovery

Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado is happy to report that his hometown is well on its way to recovering from the devastating and historic floods that swept over Boulder and the surrounding area in September of 2013.

The recovery is an ongoing process, and there are things that will probably never be the same. But as far as day-to-day enjoyment of the city and its many amenities, he says that you almost can’t tell how hard-hit the area was.

The heavy rains were preceded by a heat wave, with the thermometer reaching well into the nineties – unusually hot for that time of year. The rain began to fall on Monday, September 9th, but it took a few days for anyone to realize that it was an out-of-the-ordinary rainfall, and another day or so after that for the floodwaters to begin surging.

By Sunday, September 15th, more than seventeen inches of rain had fallen on the region, with Boulder County bearing the brunt of it.

When it was all over, meteorologists said that a slow moving cold front stalled over Colorado, and clashed with warm humid air from the south. It was unusual weather conditions not likely to happen again for a long, long time.

As Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado knows all too well, at least eight deaths were blamed on the flooding. A federal national emergency was declared over the eight counties affected by the flooding. Roads and bridges were washed out, and many remained closed for many months; some have yet to be reopened more than a year and a half later.

But the recovery is happening steadily, and as Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado knows, it seems to be happening all at the same time. Everyone in the city remains optimistic about the future.

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