Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Seeks New Adventures

The world is a vast and complicated place, though an abundance of opportunity and adventure is available to those seeking a broader worldview and experience.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an adventurer, volunteer and college graduate, is always in pursuit of a new experience and/or adventure, something that helps to keep life fresh, interesting and that presents a new and exciting challenge.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now enjoys the opportunity to not only participate in a life-changing adventure, but to also help people in dire need of support.

A recently accepted volunteer with the Peace Corps organization, Sam Gray of Boulder now has the chance to explore a completely new climate and culture, immersing himself in the wonderful and interesting landscape of the Dominican Republic.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is certainly no stranger to the prospects or opportunities of adventure. A long-time resident of Boulder, Colorado, Sam Gray has had access to some of the most scenic, physically challenging and exciting adventure opportunities on the planet, all of them only an arms-reach away in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

The opportunities to raft, ski, fish, camp and more have been close to him for years, providing both him and his colleagues the chance to immerse themselves in adventure and excitement.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an optimistic, helpful and dedicated volunteer, hopes to experience that sense of accomplishment that comes from making a substantial difference in someone’s life.

He is well on his way to leaving a positive, lasting and indelible mark on the Dominican people.

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Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Approaches Life with Enthusiasm

A positive and upbeat approach to life can open doors of opportunity and experience an individual may have never thought possible.

Optimistic and enthusiastic, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado constantly maintains a positive and upbeat outlook, approaching each new task, responsibility and adventure with with a positive attitude and the will to overcome any hurdle set in front of him.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado took on the challenges of two majors during his student tenure at the University of Colorado, overcoming obstacles and meeting deadlines with the attitude needed to reach his objectives and become a successful college graduate.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands that positive attitudes are just as infectious as negative ones, which is why he treats everyone with the kindness, courtesy and respect they deserve. His desire is to make a positive and lasting impression on not only family and friends, but also coworkers, colleagues and even complete strangers.

It is this positive and upbeat approach that led to his involvement in the Peace Corps, an organization designed at providing communities throughout the world with the support they need to achieve healthier and happier lives.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado takes on his volunteer responsibilities with zeal, seeing everything through to completion with a genuine interest in people and the many lives he has the opportunity to impact.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is enthusiastic about life, and about pursuing new adventures and immersing himself in new experiences. Being of service to people, as he believes, is what life is all about.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Counseling an Amazing Experience

Serving as a Camp Counselor was an amazing opportunity for Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, who enjoyed the chance to share not only his love of athletics and competition with local youths, but to also be a mentor and guide for those in such a crucial stage of young adulthood.

A Camp Counselor at the Ross Recreation Summer Camps for three years in a row, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado spent his free time enjoying the many benefits of mentorship, including the opportunity to work one-on-one with many eager and enthusiastic young people in order to develop their athletic skills, their understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork, and to encourage and inspire kids to take advantage of any opportunity they have to be physically-active.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, now a volunteer with the Peace Corps, found his experience as a camp counselor to be eye-opening, showing him not only the importance of communication, but also how to effectively instruct and impact the lives of young people.

His experience at the camp, combined with his recently earned ESL Certification, should prove useful throughout his life, allowing him to better connect with students around the globe.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has a great time at the summer camp, and was able to not only work with young people, but to also enjoy the benefits of swimming, flag football, indoor skydiving and more.

Sam Gray was able to effectively develop both his communications and leadership skills while at the camp, which should prove to be very useful throughout his career.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Providing Help Through Faith

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is a man of faith, and has demonstrated that faith on numerous occasions.

Formerly a participant on church mission trips, he has expressed his faith through the help and support he has provided to others in critical and/or emergency situations, giving of himself to help others in dire need of assistance.

Tragedy can affect anyone at any time, and often times a person’s faith can become tested, even pushed to the limits. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands how trying personal tragedy, no matter the size or scope, can be for an individual, which is why he has worked to restore people’s faith through heartfelt conversation, volunteering and much-needed emergency support.

His trip to New Orleans following the Hurricane Katrina disaster allowed him to not only share his love of God with others, but to also show them that help and support is always available during times of crisis.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has carried the message of strength and faith to numerous people struggling to cope with crisis and tragedy.

The work he performed during the Katrina crisis, as well as during his mission to Chicago, was of great benefit to many people, helping to not only restore their faith in God, but also in humanity.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now takes the lessons of his faith to the impoverished regions of the Dominican Republic through his membership in the Peace Corps, providing support to those in dire need of a friendly and helping hand.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Becoming a More Competitive Job-Seeker

If you’re a recent college graduate, and are now faced with the challenges of becoming a member of the “real world”, you are probably already aware how competitive the job market can be.

As recent graduate Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado can attest, finding a job out of college can be a difficult proposition, leaving the job seeker fumbling for answers.

Below, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado offers some tips on how to make yourself a more attractive and competitive job candidate.


It’s almost a necessity nowadays, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, to have a professional network already in place as you approach the fast and relentless pace of job seeking.

If you haven’t already, he says, try to re-connect with college chums, professionals and others you’ve worked with or for in the past. Do your best to build a networking foundation, one that provide you info and updates on future opportunities.

Resume Development

It may seem obvious, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, but taking the time to develop and tailor your resume towards the specific position you’re applying for is almost essential to being noticed by potential employers. Take the time needed to build your resume around the position, emphasizing the skills and experience that best applies to the company and/or position you’re seeking.

Be Professional

Though it should go without saying, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, it’s crucial to be professional, to dress nice, to have a pleasant demeanor, maintain friendliness and respect, etc.

Never skimp on the opportunity to be a model of professionalism, and to show employers that you are a serious candidate who is committed to meeting the employer’s needs.

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